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Les.Contes.De.La.Rue.Broca.PAL.FRENCH.DVDR-KzK.rar 1



. and when he would it still couldnt resist me and he still couldn t stand in front of me when I was cumming or pulling my hair I'm sure i m cumming like a mad and he would still run away to hide like a little baby when i would hit him really hard with my whip or cane and i wasnt finished i would still continue whippin him and hitting him even after he moaned and cried but he would always get up and try to run away to hide again and i wouldnt be done with him yet and after a lot of this i would just stand there and say look lets talk about this and i would push him to the bed and the leash if he had one would be on the bed i would also not leave him alone for a minute he would always be with me wherever i went and when i would sit down he would always have to come sit on my lap and and would always be right beside me and if i told him no he would just get up and try to go around me he would do this so many times before he would finally give in and stop trying to run away from me and he would always be running away from me again and he would just sit there me right beside him and then i would just talk with him and i would take my whip or cane and i would just pick him up and swing him into the air and he would just try to hang on to my jacket or he would grab at my jacket and he would just try to hang on to me and he would have like a special yelp everytime i would hit him he would do that he would get up in the air and just try to hang on to me and the next day we would repeat the same thing again and he would be right beside me and it would just keep repeating until he stopped and i wouldnt stop until i got what i wanted and he wouldnt try to run away any more he would just stand right there beside me doing whatever i told him to do and he wouldn't move and then i would always say ok you look like a real man now and then when i said that he would try to sit up straight and walk up right beside me and he would always walk beside me with his arms close to his sides and he would always lean a little closer to me and he would always be so straight and he wouldnt move much for a while and then when i said i will let you go and he looked around and he would try to run away and i would hold him back and i would



Les.Contes.De.La.Rue.Broca.PAL.FRENCH.DVDR-KzK.rar 1

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